It’s what was for Dinner

I make dinner most nights.  I love to cook.  It relaxes me…and that’s not just the beer I usually have while I’m making dinner.  Sometimes, we have a frozen pizza.  At least once a week, I come home and say “I cannot possibly make dinner tonight” and my hubby either makes the frozen pizza or we go out.  And by out, I mean a burger place or Chick-fil-a…occasionally we go crazy and go to a microbrew pub or Mexican.

Tonight’s meal was Tacos.  It’s one of my go to meals and takes about 15 minutes to make from the time I decide to make it.

Ingredients for 2 people

1/2 pound of ground beef or chicken, browned (I don’t like ground turkey, I think it has a weird consistency.  Sometimes, I use chicken breast chopped up into small bite-sized pieces.)  The best thing is that the ground meat can be still frozen when you go to brown it.

1/2 cup or so of frozen corn

1/2-1 cup of salsa

Brown the meat and add the corn and salsa.

1 can of refried bans, mircowaved for 2-3 minutes

Heat up appropriate number of soft taco and/or hard taco shells…in my house 2-4 soft and 4 hard.  The hard shells (and the browning of the meat) take the longest…5-7 minutes depending if you preheat the oven.

Shredded cheese (2-6 ounces, depending on how much you like cheese)

Optional if I have them: sour cream, lettuce, onions, more salsa, tomatoes, green chilis

Eat and be merry.

Have Hubby do the dishes.

– Chef


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