A Light at the End of One of my Tunnels

I am graduating.  YAY!  (Finally, says Hubby.)

I have gone through 13 years of primary/secondary school, 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and 6 combined years of post-graduate training, aka internship, residency, and fellowship.  That’s 27 years of schooling, people!

I am entering a new chapter in my life, one that involves the buck finally stopping with me.  While I have spent some time moonlighting as an attending in the Emergency Department where I trained, I haven’t done it full-time…and I was doing my fellowship too.  I am excited and nervous and wanna vomit.  I will have one job and only be required to go to one hospital.

I am moving my family about 400 miles from our current home in less than one month.  We are trying to cram as many Philadelphia/South Jersey things and people in that short time, while finishing our full-time jobs and making sure Doodle is fully fed and rested.  Ha!  This weekend is one of those things:  Atlantic City.  Doodle has his favorite babysitter lined up.  We have reservations at our favorite restaurant there and some gambling money (we like penny slots and blackjack, but mostly penny slots, because it’s about spending goofy-ass time talking to Hubby and not about winning, although winning is nice).


MISS:  Atlantic City and other beaches is only 1-1.5 hours away.

WON’T MISS:  The beach…because we will still only be 1-1.5 hours away.  It’s a different kind of beach so I will miss boardwalk-style beaches but I prefer quieter beaches anyway.

MISS:  Our daycare…those ladies rock!

WON’T MISS:  Our tiny condo…too tiny for the 3 of us.

MISS:  Cheesesteaks (no, spell check, this *is* the correct spelling)

WON’T MISS:  Armpit soft pretzels (although Hubby will miss these and insists they aren’t from the armpit, but I’ve seen the guys carrying them that way!)

MISS:  The view driving over the Ben Franklin Bridge every day…the massive supports, the weather…

WON’T MISS:  Driving over the Ben Franklin Bridge every day…the cost, the traffic, the fact that I’m heading to/from work, idiots who likely drive it every day but seem to forget how the traffic patterns go (I cannot possibly be around drivers who are on the bridge for the first time every day.)

MISS:  South Jersey.  I have fallen hard for this community, one part city, one part small town, one part farm, one part beach, one part extreme pride, one part inferiority complex (coming from proximity to Philly and NYC without actually being either), one part sleazy gambling, one part family fun.

WON’T MISS:  Pennsylvania drivers in South Jersey…seriously, worst drivers in the US (at least the Northeast, worse than NYC drivers, worse than CT drivers who commute to NYC every day, worse than Mass-holes on the Mass Pike or in Boston)

MISS:  Jersey traffic quirks…lefts are not lefts (they are “all turns” on the right), traffic circles, drive right, pass left, go fast, not pumping my own gas (!)

WON’T MISS:  Traffic.  Drivers who think drive right, pass left applies on every road (ummm…just highways, dude, not this 4 lane road with stop lights every 100 yards or so).  Drivers who likely have driven in Jersey before and obviously just cannot remember that.

MISS:  PJWhelihan’s(especially their wings, the Wing Bowl wings) and Iron Hill Brewery and the fact that Philly does a have great restaurant scene.  Cheaper than NYC but just as good.  Steven Starr restaurants are among are favorites but there are plenty others.

WON’T MISS:  My downstairs neighbor and her passive-aggressive dog.  We’ve lived here 5 years and that dog still barks every time I enter the house and my neighbor is home.  Doesn’t bark when she isn’t home.  Doesn’t bark for anyone else.  Growls at my kid.  Gives me another reason to not like dogs…especially retreivers.

MISS:  My family and friends.  My in-laws live 45 minutes away.  My parents live 4 hours.  This move considerably increases the distance for both.  My friends…well, we’re all always busy and hardly get to see each other.  Just knowing they’re around is comforting.

– Movin’


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