Sports and a Girl who Loves Them

That’s me.  I love sports.  (Almost all sports.)  ESPN is the first channel I find on the television and the last app I look at before going to sleep…okay, Twitter might be the last app too…but those two for sure.  In fact, while this might be published later today, I am currently typing this out in front of a NASCAR race.  (Go Jeff Gordon!)

You can blame my dad.  And Doritos.  And my persistence in asking questions and getting answers at age 3.

There are rules.  There are sides.  There is (almost) always a winner.  There is controversy.  There is talking heads arguing about stuff.  There are eternally debatable questions, like “Who’s the best (fill-in-the-blank) ever?”  There are little kids discovering sports and watching them play sports.  There is playing sports.  There is the enjoyment and disappointment in something bigger than yourself.  There is always a game on and a team to follow.

The problem is I’m a girl.  Not a problem in my opinion.  But a small problem in the real world.  Boys didn’t always appreciate a girl knowing more about their sport than they did, even if they did at first.  Boys certainly didn’t appreciate if a girl beat them at their own made-up games (at first college football game bowl predictions and then fantasy sports).  These boys are easy to avoid and most don’t fall into this category anyway.  Lucky me, Hubby gets it.  (And me, he totally gets me.)

Girls…well, they are a different story.  I can’t stand the girls who whine about being a sports widow.  Dude, you are with a guy who enjoys sports to the point that he might ignore you.  Do one of three things:  1 – learn about the sport(s) and you’ll have something to share with him, 2 – STFU, 3 – get with someone else.

You wanna do number 1 but don’t know how…there’s Google, there’s asking him, there’s seeking out a good friend who knows, or stay here.  I’m so passionate about sports that I’ve taught other people, including girls who had no clue, about sports.

So stick around and learn a thing or two about sports and become a part of something bigger than you.

– Fanatic


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