Expanding a Tweet

“I am defeated today: 3 socks without matches and cheerios all over the floor.”

I’m moving in less than a week.  I have had about that long off of work and am trying to get this house ready to go.  Emphasis on try.

Today I finished a load of laundry, only to get to the folding stage left with 3 socks.  One orange argyle one and two white sports socks that were clearly different enough to not pair.  This means that my favorite socks are possibly no longer a pair and that somewhere there’s a paired set of white sports socks that aren’t really a pair.

While I was folding this same laundry, Doodle dumped his entire Cheerio snack cup all over the pile that he had just pulled down from the chair.  Cute and easy to shake out of the laundry.  If you don’t mind vacuuming.


The noise.  The monotony.  The “lines” it leaves on the carpet.  The dust…even the bagless one have to deal with the dirty dust it collects.  The extra crazy-ass u.  The people who spell it wrong.  The fact that it doesn’t look like I did anything except create those stupid lines.

Lucky me, Hubby does the vacuuming (usually) because I do the bathrooms (50-50 y’all!).  Unlucky today, it was 5 hours until he got home and Doodle would be napping by that time so at least 7 hours of Cheerios covering the floor or I vacuum.

– Bitter but Vacuumed

I realize this is one large whitewhine but this is what vacuuming does to me.


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