Expanding a Tweet #2

“Touring daycares is like touring colleges: they are all the same until one jumps out at you.”
We moved successfully surviving an earthquake as we were driving in Northern Virginia and a hurricaine as soon as we were done unloading the truck.
This week we are visiting 3 daycares because Doodle clearly enjoys it and we clearly can’t just put food and water on the floor and lock him in his room while we work. We last did this when he was only 7 months fermented, touring several traditional daycares and one in-home one. It was a blur of color and children, until we got to the one we ultimately choose. It was so bright. That’s what I remember from the first visit. But I also came away with the feeling that kids were learning and still being kids. The state seems to regulate traditional daycares pretty hardcore (my new state requires a parental note to apply diaper cream and cannot give acetaminophen) so it comes down to philosophies and learning styles and does it mesh with your style as a parent. None of which you can really determine in an hour visit. And we’ve moved to a more conservative region so the 3 visits we have scheduled might not be enough.
Suffice it to say, I am not looking forward to touring colleges…unless I get to go back because college was awesome.
– Daycared


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