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I’m thinking about going crazy and making a master grocery list. The kind of thing that’s preprinted and I can cross off stuff I don’t need and a space to add stuff that’s not a weekly item. I love having a grocery list and adding to it during the week. I hate the “15 minute scramble before heading to the store” recheck to add normal items to the list. And if it’s not on the list, it might not get bought. I often go off list as I get inspired while I’m wandering the store…but I often forget some item I buy every week or nearly every week. And I’m thinking about making the list in order of the store to stop the “last 15 minutes of going back 6 aisles for 1 thing” nonsense…because I hate that 15 minutes too. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it were always the same thing I forgot, but it’s not, especially with learning the new store layouts.
Hell, I hate grocery shopping but since I do the cooking, I need to go most of the time so I know what’s in my damned kitchen, plus to get inspiration. Hubby doesn’t mind it but will only get exactly what’s on the list plus his usual stuff. His issue is when I say “get whatever fruit looks good and I’ll make dessert” or “buy goat cheese” or help me if I want something weird and/or he doesn’t already know where it is. I will not get it, even if I GPS’d the exact item and putting flashing lights on it…if I’ve gone to that much trouble, I might as well have just gone to the store myself.
Don’t get me started on actually buying groceries…you touch everything at least 8 times, if you bag your own and you only use the thing once.
– List Lady


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It was what’s for Dinner 2

It was a plan ahead item but doesn’t have to be. I saw this online somewhere but forget where and adapted it to my family’s taste. I generally serve 2- 3 per adult and 1 to Doodle.

Cupcake Lasagnes
1 package of wonton wrappers
1/2 pound of browned sausage
1-2 jars of spagetti sauce
2 (or more) cups mozzerella cheese
1/2 15 ounce container of ricotta cheese
1/4-1/2 cup parmeasan-romano cheese
cupcake pan
Italian spices – oregano, basil, garlic

So this can be made ahead but if you’re not doing that, preheat the oven, while you’re browning the meat.  Liberally oil the cupcake pan anywhere cheese might touch, especially in the cupcake parts.  Place on wonton wrapper in each cupcake pan.  Mix ricotta, parm-romano, 1/3-1/2 of the mozzerella, and the spices.  Add generous teaspoon of cheese mixture to each cupcake.  Add some sausage.  Add generous tablespoon of sauce.  Add another wrapper and sort of smoosh it down; this wrapper should be at a different angle than the first one so you could see all 8 corners.  Repeat cheese, sausage, sauce and wrapper.  Typically, I’m out of cheese mixture and sausage after 2 layers.  The third wrapper is layered with the leftover suace and topped off with the leftover mozzerella.  Bake at 400 degree F for 20 minutes.  They are tricky to get out unless you’ve liberally oiled in step one.

This time, my cupcakes sat in my fridge for a week before heating and eating.  We also had a salad and garlic bread.  This could be frozen too but to keep their shape should be reheated in a cupcake pan.

I originally saw this on the internet.  Unfortunately, at this point, I forget where.

– Cupcake-inspired

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It’s what was for Dinner

I make dinner most nights.  I love to cook.  It relaxes me…and that’s not just the beer I usually have while I’m making dinner.  Sometimes, we have a frozen pizza.  At least once a week, I come home and say “I cannot possibly make dinner tonight” and my hubby either makes the frozen pizza or we go out.  And by out, I mean a burger place or Chick-fil-a…occasionally we go crazy and go to a microbrew pub or Mexican.

Tonight’s meal was Tacos.  It’s one of my go to meals and takes about 15 minutes to make from the time I decide to make it.

Ingredients for 2 people

1/2 pound of ground beef or chicken, browned (I don’t like ground turkey, I think it has a weird consistency.  Sometimes, I use chicken breast chopped up into small bite-sized pieces.)  The best thing is that the ground meat can be still frozen when you go to brown it.

1/2 cup or so of frozen corn

1/2-1 cup of salsa

Brown the meat and add the corn and salsa.

1 can of refried bans, mircowaved for 2-3 minutes

Heat up appropriate number of soft taco and/or hard taco shells…in my house 2-4 soft and 4 hard.  The hard shells (and the browning of the meat) take the longest…5-7 minutes depending if you preheat the oven.

Shredded cheese (2-6 ounces, depending on how much you like cheese)

Optional if I have them: sour cream, lettuce, onions, more salsa, tomatoes, green chilis

Eat and be merry.

Have Hubby do the dishes.

– Chef

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