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10 years ago

I was in first year of medical school and since it was only 3 weeks in most of the class was still actually going to class. Between the first and second lecture, there was a break and often someone had something to announce…join this club…this activity was super cool…you know the like. Mostly, I ignored that stuff.
On this day 10 years ago, a girl named Lydia was crying as she was trying to make an announcement. No one quite understood her, we knew the words she was saying but didn’t know what she meant. No way could she be serious…a plane into the World Trade Center. One or two people left, the rest stayed for the 9 am lecture.
During the 9 am lecture, the dean of something or other came in and cancelled classes for the rest of the day. We got home in time to see the second tower collapse.
Hubby (still Boyfriend at this point) was living in Vermont and happened to be home sick from work that day. On my first cell phone ever, I tried reaching his landline and got that fast busy signal. The immediate weekend after, he drove 10 hours to see me, just to give and get hugs.
This morning, I got to sleep in and woke up about the time of the first plane crash. I stumbled down the stairs and made my coffee. Hubby hugged me the same way he did that following weekend.
We have had a good 10 years, fairly positive on the whole. Only one divorce, two deaths, and a few career opportunities not go the way we would’ve wanted them to at the time (but turned out better the way they did). But we’re healthy and happy and have Doodle. And while Sunday football weekends don’t mean sitting in a bar watching all the games at once, they do mean giggles while wrestling with the game on in the background.
The terrorists only win if you let them. They may have taken all those lives and some of our American innocence but they haven’t won. Living our lives, watching football, and raising our children…they haven’t won.
– Saddened but not defeated


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